Big Data’s Next Challenge: Heart Failure


Nearly 6 million Americans are afflicted with congestive heart failure, which is when the heart doesn’t pump enough blood and oxygen resulting in serious problems in other parts of the body. More than half of people who develop the condition pass away within five years of their diagnosis.

But because congestive heart failure (CHF) has certain characteristics that lends itself to big data analysis, it’s become a moneymaker for tech companies—who are also saving lives in the process.

Heart failure is usually caused by pre-existing conditions, and figuring out what those conditions are can save a lot of lives. But by the time patients are in the hospital, complications related to the disease can make it difficult to parse the cause from effect—at least for humans. Smart medical devices recording thousands of data points per second, and digitized medical records which build network connection maps of all sorts of health care factors, are being deployed to unravel the mystery.

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